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Original PORSCHE-DIESEL spare parts are available in the USA from Sal & Sue Fanelli and Peter Simon
Porsche-Diesel USA, LLC
198 Lakeland Rd.
Stafford, VA 22556
Tel. 540-752-6263
Bosch Fuel Injection Repair and Service
Authorized Bosch fuel injection repair shop factory trained personnel with 32 years of experience including Porsche-Diesel PF injection pumps & injectors, and other makes. Porsche-Diesel tractor owner and member of the Porsche-Diesel Registry of N.A. Please contact us with any fuel injection problems or system repairs on your Porsche-Diesel tractor.
John Belanger
489 Main St., Caribou, ME 04736.

We have a small stock of Porsche-Diesel tractors:
Junior, Standard, Super, and Master
We also have some narrow gauge vineyard models. We are also shipping from and to Europe on a regular basis, so if you are looking for a Porsche-Diesel tractor in general or for a specific model, please let me know.
POX 228
Many rare pieces available for various Allgaier and Porsche-Diesel models. All original (no reproductions) and in excellent condition. Call or email with specific needs or for a complete list.
Myron Vernis
FOR SALE: Porsche-Diesel tractors Junior 108L, Standard and different model Supers
Mike deJonge
Morriston, Ontario, Canada
FOR SALE: Porsche-Diesel Tractor Registry Grille Badges
We now have again PORSCHE-DIESEL TRACTOR REGISTRY grille badges available. These 3 1/4 inch diameter badges sell for $30 each incl. mounting hardware, plus shipping. They are available from:
M & M Enterprises
925 Walnut Street
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-4717
Tel: 831-375-3356 (California time)
Fax: 831-375-9356
All major credit cards and Paypal accepted.

FOR SALE: 1956 Allgaier, Porsche System model A 111
For pictures and details contact E. Olsen at
WANTED: Porsche/Allgaier Diesel Tractors and Memorabilia
I have a collection of P-D tractors & accessories I wish to restore & display.
I am interested in brochures, books, manuals, parts lists, spare parts or
parts/donor tractors - anything P-D related.
Michael Higgins
Galway Ireland
Tel: 00353872552578
Skype: michaelhig
FOR SALE: Several P-D Tractors
PCA and Porsche-Diesel Tractor Registry member is planning
to part with a small selection of his P-D tractor collection.
For sale at this time are:
One Junior 108
One Standard Star
One Super Export 329
All tractors in excellent condition and running well.
For details and pictures, contact:
Larry Jones
Taylorsville, NC
Tel.: 828-308-1243
FOR SALE: Several P-D Books For 218 Standard Star
Books in German for my 1961 Porsche Standard 218.
Jack Salyer
FOR SALE: 1959 Super 308N
Project tractor with most parts on hand.
$4,200 o.b.o., as is where is
Also available parts from Super 318L and Porsche 356.
Anselmo Beretta
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cell 416-543-9150
20100531_Anselmo_Beretta_308N 20100531_Anselmo_Beretta_308N_003

FOR SALE: Porsche-Diesel T-Shirts
For the tractor enthusiast!
100% cotton, red with white lettering, sizes large and extra large.
$16.95 + $5.60 shipping in the USA. Secure payment through PayPal accepted.
Raymond Smith
Buckeye, AZ 85396
Tel. 623 201-9085

FOR SALE: 1959 Porsche-Diesel Junior 108
Excellent condition with the original German factory birth certificate and owner's manual.
All original, asking $25,000.00. For details and more pictures contact Jim Chaisson.
mobile: 702-682-9011
20110602_jim_chaisson_junior 20110602_jim_chaisson_junior 20110602_jim_chaisson_junior

FOR SALE: 2 restoration project 1960 Super 318 L
One is running, the other needs engine work. Both tractors originally sold by the
Porsche-Diesel dealer in Vt. Current location CT. For details and more pictures
contact Roger Funk (largest Porsche-Diesel dealer in the 1950's & 1960's in the North-East).
Tel.: 203-795-0591
20111007_Roger_Funk_Supers 20111007_Roger_Funk_Supers 20111007_Roger_Funk_Supers 20111007_Roger_Funk_Supers

FOR SALE: 1952 Allgaier-Porsche model AP17
S/N 18017 professionally restored, great running tractor, new Continental tires and more.
For details and more pictures contact Roland Lohnert
Tel.: 303-663-4363
20130916_Roland_Lohnert_AP17 20130916_Roland_Lohnert_AP17 20130916_Roland_Lohnert_AP17

FOR SALE: Porsche-Diesel Master model 419
completely restored and in "as new" running condition.
For details contact: Michael Higgins
Aircooled Technology
Deer Park
Galway, Ireland
Tel: 011-353872552578
20130930_Michael_Higgins_Master_419 20130930_Michael_Higgins_Master_419 20130930_Michael_Higgins_Master_419 20130930_Michael_Higgins_Master_419

FOR SALE: 1960 Standard Star
Running and ready for restoration.
New clutch installed with many restoration items included.
For details contact: George Maybee
Denver, Colorado
Tel: 303-655-9831
FOR SALE: 1960 Hoffer-Schrantz Super A140
Ready for restoration with many restoration items included.
Tractor is unique with:
  • front power take-off
  • dual rear power take-offs
  • aircompressor with tank
  • rear air outlet
  • rear air brakes for four wheel drive trailer
For details contact: George Maybee
Denver, Colorado
Tel: 303-655-9831
FOR SALE: 1957 Allgaier, System Porsche AP-18
Ready for restoration with many restoration items included.
Complete with mower and dual rear power take-offs.
For details contact: George Maybee
Denver, Colorado
Tel: 303-655-9831
FOR SALE: 1962 Porsche-Diesel Standard Star 219
2-cyl., 30 HP, excellent condition.
Asking $22,500.
For more information contact John Bagwell
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tel: 505-577-3266
20140528_John_Bagwell_Standard_219 20140528_John_Bagwell_Standard_219 20140528_John_Bagwell_Standard_219 20140528_John_Bagwell_Standard_219

FOR SALE: Handbook Tractor Electrics
It’s finally available—Helmut Unrath’s English version of the Porsche Schlepper-Elektrik book! This book, over 100 pages, is the ultimate compilation of drawings, pictures, schematics, and parts identification for every version of the Porsche Diesel Tractor family. Only a limited number of books will be printed and a few are expected to arrive in the US shortly. The price of the book is set at $35.00 plus the appropriate shipping charge. We are now taking pre-orders so we ask that if you are interested, reserve one today by just sending us an e-mail or give us a phone call and we will add you to the list.
Sal & Sue Fanelli and Peter Simon
Porsche-Diesel USA, LLC
198 Lakeland Rd.
Stafford, VA 22556
Tel. 540-752-6263
20140713_Fanelli_Schlepper_Elektrik 20140713_Fanelli_Schlepper_Elektrik 20140713_Fanelli_Schlepper_Elektrik

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in North America but occasionally interesting stuff shows up on eBay
including whole tractors.